About Us

This story of living the American Entrepreneurial Dream resonates with many of you and our customers...

Steve, the founder of White Top Adventures® was driving to his 9 to 5 job, on the freeway and stuck in traffic. 

He gazed at the snowy mountains in the distance and thought to himself, "I would rather be there compared to where I'm at now". His daydreaming continued, being on adventures and in the wild of the outdoors.  

Like many of our White Top Adventures customers, Steve also took the next step forward toward reaching those snowy mountains, being outdoorsy and on an adventure.  

He wanted to be There instead of being stuck in an office, the city jungle, home watching tv or the congestion of an urban shopping center.

Steve's next step was to Get There in the popularized Adventure Van. He considered finding a van builder-upfitter or DIY. Steve chose the DIY route and started sourcing out aftermarket products and gear for his Sprinter Van. He was completely shocked at the prices of these products and the outdoor adventure gear. While the van was costly enough, as he tabulated all of the equipment he wanted on his van, the total was higher than the cost of the van, and without the labor cost.

With Steve's strong acumen in manufacturing, design and supply chain experience in building quality machines and equipment used by millions of people around the world, he started to build one aftermarket van product as a test. 

His overall goal was to develop and sell quality and affordable, yet simple van accessory products. Over time, his vision expanded with the help of others, along with the Company's renewed thinking and approaches. 

The Company's mantra naturally evolved, "Get There with White Top Adventures™. We offer Innovative, Quality and Affordable Products".

New products are being introduced with over 20 new releases planned in 2024. With every purchase, this includes free shipping to the lower 48 and our product warranty.

We'd love to hear from you, as White Top Adventures' success is based on your feedback in being part of the Van Adventure Community. Email us at Info@WhiteTopAdventures.com

All the best,

From the team at White Top Adventures®